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About Us Zogox Streaming offers Microsoft Windows streaming, Adobe Flash Media Streaming, iPhone streaming, single event streaming, faith streaming, HD streaming, DVR solutions and Pay Per View Streaming. We help our clients maximize their dollar by offering the best and most affordable online streaming available. We know that cutting costs on quality does nothing but create issues for our clients and our company so this is something Zogox Streaming will never do. Even though we offer large savings over our competition, it does not mean we are cutting corners. Zogox Streaming has capitalized on years of streaming experience to streamline a service to a degree never seen before.

How has Zogox Streaming become a leader in quality and one of the fastest growing streaming company around?
By listening to our clients and providing the service they need, always ahead of their expectations. We are never happy with what we offer: Windows streaming, Flash Streaming, iPhone streaming, single event streaming, faith streaming, HD streaming, DVR solutions and Pay Per View Streaming. This is why we are always adding more features and improving upon our industry-leading services already in place. Give us a risk-free try today. We know you won't be disappointed.

Zogox Streaming Solutions
1698 Tappahannock Trail
Marietta, GA 30062
Sales & General Information:
1 (678) 591 8869
Email: info@zogoxstreaming.com
Contact us to help determine your specific requirements & take advantage of our consultation services.
Our Products
Zogox Streaming have all type of streaming offerings including Windows, Flash, Wowza, QuickTime Darwin, iPhoine Streaming. Our product lines are growing based our customers demands.

    - Fully managed Live Shared Streaming Solutions
    - Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated Streaming Servers
    - Subscription and pay per view based streaming solutions
    - Mobile Streaming Solutions including iPhone, Blackberries
    - Events Streaming
    - DVR (Digital Video Recordings)
    - Faith Streaming
    - High Definition (HD) Streaming
    - Streaming From Satellite feed via our satellite receivers (Galaxy 19 supported)
    - Consultation
Who We Help
We support streaming hobbyist to leading organizations with superior media applications in a wide range of industries such as commercial TV and Radio, Public/National based TV and Radio, Internet Only Radio and TV/Video, multimedia and content producers, corporate, government organizations.

Why Zogox Streaming
Our customers appreciate more than our low prices, they also love:

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Contact. Period. All Zogox Streaming plans have month-to-month options so you won't be locked into any contracts, thus ensuring satisfaction is sustained throughout the use of our services.
Just you need to le us know before your renewal date if you want ti cancel your account.
All of our server packages come loaded and competitively priced starting at $20/mo to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Experience & Financial Stability
Zogox Streaming is owned and operated by Zogox Systems founded in 2005. We are able to capitalize on the experience and financial stability of that privately-owned company. All revenue is recycled back into the organization and the fact that we can grow organically, it provides great financial freedom. Where other low-cost providers are self-funded and eventually fail, Zogox Streaming can avoid those pitfalls.

Guaranteed Support Resolution Time
Zogox Streaming also boast a very powerful guarantee that empowers our customers. A guaranteed 24-hour or less personal resolution time to ALL support requests opened with the UberSmith support system. Every ticket you open is time stamped to verify our guaranteed resolution time. We are so confident in our support methods that we backed it with a cash guarantee. Please review our Terms for more details.

99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee
Located downtown in the heart of Atlanta's telecommunications and Internet community, the Zogox Streaming worldwide headquarters includes a private network and secure data centers with over 80Gbps of bandwidth available consisting of multiple GigE and 10Gbps connections to U.S. and International backbones to ensure uptime. Additional bandwidth and power are also available upon request.

All our equipment is located in a centralized, fault tolerant, redundant, climate controlled cage that connects directly to the heart of the Internet via multiple tier1 connections.

Buffering will NEVER be a problem
We have top of the line network optimizer FCP 10 Gx from Internap and Tier 1 providers that Our performance based routing network allows us to automatically reroute traffic away from "Internet Traffic Jams". This means when one part of the Internet slows down your site will not be caught in the bottleneck. This is just one of the many reasons why your streaming will never encounter buffering issue under normal circumstances that we guarantee a 99.99% Network Uptime.

Unmatched Streaming Server Reliability
Zogox Systems provides all of its clients with industry-leading hardware, software and technology. All shared streaming and dedicated plans are monitored to ensure the best available uptime.

Via telephone (standard landline, no automated waiting loops) or e-mail, our employees are available to answer your questions and to assist you if you face any problems. 365 days a year, also on holidays or on the weeked.