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Zogox Streaming's Data Centers has multiple GigE and 10GB/s connections to international backbones to ensure uptime. These connections are provided by Telia-Sonera (which includes a primary direct link to Europe and backbone in Europe), Level III Communications (recognized as one of the premier backbones in the North American continent) and Cogent Communications (which has recently acquired a European subsidiary). We also have up to 80 Gbs capacity of fiber connection to the main POP in the Southeastern United States, TELEX's Marietta 55, giving us access to over one hundred national and regional providers.

Network circuits are provisioned on a fiber optics network that uses the latest SONET and FDDI technology. Zogox Streaming has physically diverse entrance facilities to the Data Center to ensure maximum separation of circuits for greater reliability. Zogox Streaming uses multiple high end Cisco routers and switches for connections to the Internet. These routers are continually active and will automatically redistribute traffic load using HSRP protocol upon failure events, resulting in minimal site downtime.

Architecture of Our Streaming Platform
We use the top of the line InterNap FCP 10 GX which to optimize our network for top speed and minimum packet loss performance (unlike other, lower end optimizers, which only serve to lower the cost of overall bandwidth). This device allows for each request to send probes via each our provider, calculate the best path and then make real time configuration in our routers to send back the data via the absolutely the best path back. This is a critical feature of our network because it allows us provide the best multimedia services to the points all over the world. This device allows also instant re-routing of the traffic to the available and the best one in case of any maintenance or any other services if they done on our Internet providers lines.

Our Internet providers are the largest and top Tier One bandwidth providers in the industry, with the best peering (shortest paths) available. We also have a specific European provider, which offers service best connectivity to Europe for our customers.

We can provide streaming services based on our hardware or provide space, redundant power (with generator), redundant AC and the best bandwidth in one of our data centers. We currently have space inventory available for about 50, 42U cabinets.

Intelligent Route Control Technology For Streaming
Our technology enables route control platforms that overcome the limitations of traditional routing policies. Our technology monitors the performance of each Internet backbone, routing your traffic across. It is very important if you are sending your streaming to our server. Our system considers path characteristics like latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion when making routing decisions. Decisions are made dynamically and automatically to account for network performance changes, without the need for manual intervention. In that way even you can send(push) your uplink streaming all around the world with best possible way that is available today technology.

All Centers
  • Direct Connections to Level III, Telia-Sonera and Cogent
  • Facility access MMR
  • Direct Fiber to 56 Marietta (TELX) MMR
  • Internap FCP optimal routing systems

  • Via telephone (standard landline, no automated waiting loops) or e-mail, our employees are available to answer your questions and to assist you if you face any problems. 365 days a year, also on holidays or on the weeked.